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KTM 98-07 4 stroke Rad Gaurds

KTM 98-07 4 stroke Rad Gaurds

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New for 07, our 98-07 KTM 4 stroke rad guards are our most advanced KTM rad guards to date. We upped the level of protection by adding 2 support rods to the face of the guard, as well as 2 support rods across the back to provide the utmost in side impact protection. The guards are further reinforced by 2 more support rods that connect the left and right side guards to provide bracing to help prevent the guards from folding backwards in a crash. The size of the vents across the face of the guard have been increased to allow more air to flow through the rad. We also added vents along the side of the guard to help direct high pressure air off the the shrouds across the face of the rad. Unabiker 98-07 KTM 4-stroke guards will bolt right up to your bike with no mods required. We include all the high quality stainless steel hardware necessary for install. We currently offer our 98-07 KTM 4 stroke guards in bare aluminum, or anodized black or orange finishes. This model fits all KTM 4 stroke bikes from 250cc-525cc with the exception of the 07 250 SX-F.

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