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Unabiker 18 KTM 85 SX Radiator Guards

  • 12995

Brand new for 2018! Our all new Unabiker 18 KTM 85 SX radiator guards are the perfect compliment for the new KTM 85SX. We utilized a 3 piece design to ensure maximum protection while keeping everything compact. 2 solid aluminum support rods across the face of the radiators and another solid rod across the back form outstanding side impact protection. Our signature swoopy grill pattern ensures your radiators get a huge gulp of fresh air while keeping roost and sticks out of your grill. All this protection fits under the stock shrouds with no trimming required. Unabiker 18 KTM 85 SX rad guards are available in bare aluminum or anodized black. Unabiker 18 KTM 85 SX Installation Instructions

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