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About Us

I started Unabiker in 2001 after buying my first dirt bike. I wasn't very impressed with the armor available  at the time, and I thought I could do better myself. I showed off what I made on and was soon flooded with guys asking if I would make guards for their bikes, too. One set of guards led to two sets....2 years later, I quit my day job to do Unabiker full time. 15 years later, we have many of the worlds top pro racers trusting our armor to protect their motorcycles in the most grueling races on the planet. Baja, Erzberg, Gonzocross.....we are everywhere someone is doing horrific things to motorcycles.

We have a very "keep it local" philosophy and take great pride in manufacturing all of our products in the USA. We design and manufacture all of our products in house from our northern Indiana world headquarters. 

Everyone at Unabiker is an avid off-road racer. We use the feedback from our pros, our fellow competitors and our own experiences to make our products better. There's no better R&D lab than the race course. It's also a ton of fun.

Stop by and say hello if you see us at the races!

Our mailing address is:
8731 S CR 300E
Walton, IN 46994

The Unabiker Hotline is
(574) 626-3150