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13-17 KTM 85 SX, SXS Radiator Guards

13-17 KTM 85 SX, SXS Radiator Guards

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Unabiker 13-17 KTM 85 Radiator Guards are what you need to keep your rads safe while keeping your bike cool. Our rad guards for the 13-17 KTM 85 are based on our guards for the big KTMs. We utilize a frontal guard to keep sticks and roost off your rads as well as 4 solid aluminum support rods on the right side and 5 rods on the left side to provide the best side impact protection at any price. We also include a short support rod to connect the left and right guards together to provide fold-back resistance. Our slot pattern is designed to help prevent mud from building up on the face of the rads to keep you cool in the worst conditions. Our Unabiker 13-17 KTM 85 rad guards are available in bare aluminum or anodized orange or black.

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