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Unabiker 14 KTM 85/105 Skid Plate

  • 14995

Our brand new 14 KTM 85 skid plate is just the what your KTM 85/105 needs to protect it's tender underbelly from the gnarliest stuff off-road. We design all of our skid plates to fit as close as possible to the engine cases to minimize mud build-up and to help keep excess sound from bouncing back up at the rider. Our plates are cut from .125" 6061-T6 aluminum and TIG welded by hand to ensure high strength, light weight and outstanding quality. Our 14 KTM 85/105 skid plate is held in place by 2 cnc'd aluminum clamps. Our KTM plates are available in bare aluminum finish or in anodized black or orange.

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