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Husqvarna 16-18 2 stroke & 4 stroke

  • 12995

Unabiker 16-18 Husky Rad Guards have all of the great features you have come to expect from Unabiker while giving us the opportunity to push our design to the next level. We still have our un-mistakable Unabiker slot pattern across the face of the rads that moves a ton of air to keep you bike cool, while stopping roost, rocks, sticks and trail trash from getting to your rad’s tender bits. We spent a lot of time making sure the transition from the shroud to the guard was smooth to help maintain a maximum volume of cooling air reaches the rad core. We’ve still got 3 solid aluminum support rods across the front and 2 more across the back to give you a ridiculous amount of side impact protection. We use one more rod to connect the left and right side guard assemblies to provide bracing against rad fold-back. New innovations include our fist 3 piece design in order to accommodate Husky's new radiator mounting style. Be sure to check and see if you have the new style. This is two bolts in the shrouds not one. We have installed two steel captive nuts on our side plate to help make securing the shroud's to the rad guard's a snap. Like all of our guards, we include all of the high quality, stainless steel hardware necessary for install. Bare aluminum guards are available now. Anodized black, blue or orange. Note you can run with or with out a fan with this model.  

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