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Husaberg 09-14 FE 250/501 RAD GUARDS

Husaberg 09-14 FE 250/501 RAD GUARDS

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Our Husaberg 09-14 FE 250/501 Rad Guards. New features include a third support rod across the face of the guard to add even more side impact protection while retaining 2 support rods across the back side of the rad. We changed to a 2 piece design, with a removable outer plate which makes installation much easier and allows for a tighter fit against the side of the rad. We kept the same air vent pattern from last year and increased the size of the vents on the side. This provides exceptional air flow through the rads while still providing excellent protection for the face of the rads from roost and sticks. Our Husaberg 09-14 FE 250/501 guards are available in bare aluminum finish, or anodized Blue or black. 

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