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YAMAHA 16-18 YZ450FX, 16-18 WR450F SKID PLATE

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Yamaha's 16-18 YZ450FX 16-18 WR450Fis made to race off-road, so we designed a plate to protect the vulnerable areas of the WR And FX. Our first priority was to provide adequate protection for the rad hose and water pump. We designed the right wing of the plate to cover the rad hose from just below the radiator all the way back to the water pump. We keep the gap from the plate to the hose and engine tight to help prevent mud from building up inside the plate and to keep sound from being reflected up to the rider. The left wing of the plate was designed to protect the lower corner of the ignition cover and the oil fill cap. Again, we kept the gap between the cover and the plate to a minimum. The bottom of the plate is smooth and made to glide over logs. We left one hole in the bottom of the plate for oil drain plug access. Skid plate is available in bare aluminum, anodized black or blue.

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