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Suzuki 00-23 DRZ 400 E/K/S/SM Skid Plate

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Unabiker DRZ400 Skid plates are the perfect complement to our rad guards for your DRZ. We’ve spent the past 12 years beating on our own DRZ and have learned a thing or two about the kind of protection our DRZ needs. Our Unabiker DRZ400 skid plate is cut from .125” 6061-T6 aluminum to keep the weight down and the strength high. The right wing covers the water pump and the vulnerable part of the rad hose. The right wing also protects the lower part of the clutch cover. The left wing comes up to the edge of the ignition cover. We spent considerable effort to make sure all gaps between the plate and motor are as small as possible to cut down on the amount of mud that can get in and noise that can get out. Our Unabiker DRZ400 skid plate is available in bare aluminum or anodized blue, black or red.

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